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What we do


Logos, Brand Narratives, Naming Consultation, Market Research

A brand is the essence of your company brought to life. It defines who you are and influences perception about your business. We’ll succeed in creating your new brand with market awareness, a thorough understanding of your company, and focused imagination.


Online and Print Ads, Websites, Marketing Collateral, Social Media Marketing, Broadcast Advertising (Radio, TV), Direct Mail, Corporate Stationery, Copy Writing

An ad – whether on broadcast media, in print or online – is your mass market “Open For Business” sign. Tap into the talents of the Grouper team for fresh ideas about message development and creative art direction.


Strategic Plans, Media Plans, Facilitate Group Retreats and Meetings

Planning…with purpose. Just as lottery tickets shouldn’t be the basis of your retirement plan, hope and chance shouldn’t be part of your marketing strategies. Grasping our clients’ strengths, limitations and goals affords us the opportunity to develop realistic strategies and maximize marketing ROI.


Video Projects, Custom Publishing, Digital Marketing, Packaging, Menus

That custom magazine you’ve always wanted to produce; the unique packaging to highlight the widget only you ever thought of; or a corporate video (making sure to get only your good side) – Let our imagination run wild in support of your marketing efforts.